Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We've Moved

We have decided to move our blog to typepad. Blogger has been giving us a lot of problems lately. We wanted to make the move before we had a million posts to transfer over.

Please check us out at our new home: and be sure to update your bookmarks and blog subscriptions!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bird's Nest Ring by Starry Designs

I love these bird's nest rings. So sweet! Made from sterling silver and either amazonite (blue eggs) or swarovski pearls (white eggs) and custom made to your ring size. $24 at Starry Designs

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Duct Tape Bandages

For your man who is too tough for sissy bandages. The Duct Tape Bandages will be manly enough for him. I know they are going on my list of stocking stuffers this year! $3.99 at Walgreens

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Made to Order Bento Box Sushi Soap with Your Choice of Scent and Butter

What could be cooler than these adorable Sushi soaps? How about the fact that you can choose your own scent and butter? Yum yum! $15 at Kisukisu

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The Healthy Handle

You might get some strange looks and eye rolls as you snap this on your cart but who cares? The Healthy Handle will keep your hands clean and germ free. Not convinced you need it? Read this. $10.95 at The Healthy Handle

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Grow Your Own Sensitive Plant

This tiny plant you grow yourself reacts to your touch. Touch its leaves and the leaves will curl close. At night, it even folds itself close and goes to sleep. I love oddball things like this! $5.49 at Perpetual Kid.

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The "Tell 5 Friends" Challenge!

If you're one of the many folks who love this blog, we challenge you to tell 5 friends about Rare Bird Finds.

Just send them a quick email letting them know the place to learn about shopping discoveries that are anything but ordinary.

Are you up for the challenge? Hell yeah!

Oktomat Camera

Tell a story with the nifty Oktomat camera, which snaps 8 small frames onto one photo. $50 at Spoon sister.

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Thumb Thing

The Thumb Thing is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" inventions. You slip it onto your thumb and it helps keep the book open so you can read with one hand. Particularly handy for traveling situations where you have to read standing up. The Thumb Thing also doubles as a bookmark. $3.95 at Spoon Sister.

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Sandwich Bags by Mobi

Liven up your lunch with sandwich bags that are stylish. You can also use them to store other items. $3.99 for a box of 20 sandwich-size bags at LaPrima.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

DODGE'EM Desktop Dodgeball Game

If you were the kid who also got tagged first in dodgeball you can now get even. The Desktop Dodgeball Game gives you the ball and let's you aim at 8 little unsuspecting kids. $16 at Fosters

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Flora Tote by Jill Serra

I am in love with the chocolate brown, magenta and pink color combo of this Flora Tote designed by Jill Serra. This is an extraordinary beauty to have dangle from your arm. $35 at Jill Serra.

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The Bug Jar Cat Toy

Mounted on a rocking base, your cat will swat endlessly at this jar filled with "bugs" - the "bugs" are fake but are swirled around by a fan so they look like they're alive. The "bugs" also glow in the dark. $14.99 at Barker & Meowsky.

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12-Gauge Shot Glasses

Here is the perfect shot glass for the man's man. Even if guns aren't your thing, the 12-Gauge Shot Glasses are a sleek little way to serve your drink. $29.99 at After 5

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pink Grate Lady

This cute little lady will grate spices, zest or cheese. The Pink Grate lady also comes with a rubber non skid bottom edge to make things a little easier for you. $18.95 at Patina

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11:11 Wallet by Jamila Tazewell

The 11:11 Wallets are truly a work of art. Made from vintage papers, the wallets are waterproof and have room for all your cash and credit cards. $26 at Shop SCAD

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Nabaztag WiFi Enabled Rabbit

Now this is how I want to be woken up in the morning! This WiFi Enabled Rabbit will wake you up, read you emails, tell you the time, read the news or sing you songs. He can also be programmed to alert you to the weather conditions by what color his tummy is glowing (ie red tummy means hot day). You must see him in action to get the full effect. $149.99 at Think Geek

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Flip Flop Stemware Coasters

Maybe a little festive for everyday use but perfect for a fun summer barbeque. The Flip Flop Stemware Coasters will protect your furniture and help mark your guests' drink all at the same time. Come in a set of four. $19.99 at After 5

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Neon Mirror

Totally cool mirror complete with neon light. You customize what it says. When the light is off, the words are completely invisible. Approx. $950 - $1,900 at Suck UK.

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Cashmere Tee w/ Faux Tattoo Cashmere Sleeves by A&G

I love how this cashmere/merino wool T-shirt has sleeves with a tattoo print. An easy way to be rock and roll without permanent tats. $210 at Hotter Than Hollywood.

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Amazing Dinosaur Plant

I just don't have a green thumb. Plants die on me. Even the hardy cactus. This dinosaur plant is not only my dream come true, it's also truly amazing. The plant has lived on the earth for more than 290 MILLION years - and the best part? If you don't water it, it dries up and hibernates for up to 50 years. Just add water and in hours - hours! - it spouts all pretty and green. Amazing! $7.99 at Think Geek.

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Saw Cake and Cheese Server

This cake and cheese server shaped like a saw made me chuckle. Imagine the reaction when you pull this one out to slice a cake! $20 at Uncommon Goods.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bloom Pop-Up Cards

Here is a pretty card for those of us not crafty enough to make a homeade card that looks presentable. The Bloom Pop-Up cards come in "Happy Birthday", "Thinking of You", or blank and have an adhesive backing. $5 at Day-Lab

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Reverse Canvas Wall Art

I saw these in person the other day at Target and they are gorgeous! The Geometric Floral Reverse Wall Art is 24x24 and the Two Twig Reverse Canvas Wall Art is 36x12. $19.99 and $24.99 at Target

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Danger in Pink T-shirt or Onesie

Your mini fashionista needs to be up on trends too. The Danger in Pink T-shirt is perfect for your ferocious little girl. The shirts have been through a special process to make them super soft too! $18-20 at Cherry Momma

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Serious Skull Handbag

Skulls are super hot right now. The Serious Skull bag has a serious name but it's actually kinda cute. $39 at Amici Accessories.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Beaded Tee by adam+eve

I'm pretty bad at accessorizing and typically I step out of the house with no accessories at all. (I know you're gasping, Sharla). This linen-silk top makes it easy - it comes with a cool macrame and ivory beaded necklace attached. Pretty darn neat for folks like me. $245 at Vivre.

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Yoshitomo Nara Clock

This clock designed by Yoshitomo Nara has a flip design that reveals a different original drawing by Nara for every hour and minute of the day. Totally cool. $250 at Cereal Art.

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Birds of a Feather Mobile by Helen Ige

This walnut veneer bird mobile is so pretty. $59.50 at Friend.

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BÄSTIS Hook by Ikea

I have one of these dog tail hooks. It's a perfect way to hold your dog's leashes. Best part? It's cheap! $1.99 at Ikea.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tepper Jackson Boheme Flight Bag

I think I must need a vacation because I am so drawn to these great getaway bags. The Tepper Jackson Boheme Flight Bag has lots of interior pockets to keep everything you need close at hand and will make you the envy of all your travel companions. $98 at Sleepyheads

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Bauxo Wish Earrings

I love these earrings. The Wish Earrings by Bauxo are earthy and edgy. A great alternative to metal hoops. $39 at Shine

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USB Flower Fan

If you work in a properly air conditioned office you might not need one of these. If you have a super hot laptop that you are always on, like myself, then this USB Flower Fan might look pretty tempting in this heat! I know I could use one! Approximately $19 at I Want One of Those

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Vivian Earth & Sky Dress by Candice Heald

I love a dress that receives a billion compliments and is mine all mine. This Vivian Earth and Sky dress is made of vintage scarves and is one of a kind. You'll never walk into a party wearing the same dress as someone else when you are wearing this beauty. $290 at Maneater Threads

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Cat Eye Sleep Masks with Rhinestone Glasses

I think I like these so much because they remind me of my own rhinestone eye glasses. Totally hip, these sleep eye masks are 100% silk. $24 at Patricia Field.

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Backpacks by Little Packrats

These animal-inspired backpacks for little kids are so cute. They come in a variety of animal themes that are suitable for both boys and girls. I love how each backpack has some 3-D characteristic. Vinyl and water-resistant. $39.99 at Little Packrats.

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Bronze Skull Lamp by Blackman Cruz Workshop

This is one of those moments when I wish I was a celebrity with excess money. If I had an extra $2,200 to blow, I'd totally buy this lamp. The skull is made from patinated bronze and the shade is silk. So cool. $2,200 at Blackman Cruz Workshop in Los Angeles.

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Taste of Talking Salt and Pepper Shaker by Henk Stallinga

These salt and pepper shakers are made from real - yet unused - ear and mouthpieces from actual telephones. Awesome, eh? $22 at Charles & Marie.

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Table Stories Small Glass by Tord Boontje

I love the dreamlike quality of these small glasses designed by Tord Boontje. The pattern is etched into the glass for durability. $80 for a set of 6 at Friend.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wise Owl Wallet

In person, I think owls are super creepy. I might have once run down the street screaming because I saw a white owl flying overhead. But....on my clothes and accessories I think they are super cute. The Wise Owl Wallet is an example of the good kind of owl. $24 at Gama-Go

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Johnny's Baby Socks by Trumpette

I'm sure you have seen Trumpette's ballet slipper socks for girls but have you seen these? The boy version are these sweet little sneakers that have real laces and come in six colors. $22.50 at Bibelot

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Rescued Paper Notebook

Entirely bound by hand in India, these notebooks are made from discarded paper. Just like scrap paper, you write on the reverse side of the printed paper - but this is a whole lot neater. $13.50 at Friend.

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Make Cupcakes Not War T-Shirt by Johnny Cupcakes

This Make Cupcakes Not War T-shirt is what all us cupcake lovers need. A cute twist on a familiar saying, but oh so true. $40.99 at Johnny Cupcakes.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Key Shirts

I have way too many keys that all look the same. I've thought about the bands that go around the keys but I think these key shirts are a whole lot cuter. $3.95 at Bibelot

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Smart Ass Thong

These Smart Ass Thongs just crack me up. I mean... if you accidentally flash your thong it might as well say something witty right? $21.95 at Cocoa Crayon

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